Você se veste como uma criança, adolescente ou idoso?

Looks terceira idade, sempre.


Escolha um look:

gray cardigan, blue jeans, and pair of brown chunky heeled shoes

Heather Ford via Unsplash

women's assorted clothes

Junko Nakase via Unsplash

brown leather boots beside blue denim jeans

Hailey Moeller via Unsplash

brown leather handbag on white textile

Laura Chouette via Unsplash

Escolha um sapato:

black leather heeled shoes on yellow chair

Laura Chouette via Unsplash

pair of brown-and-black work boots on green grass field during daytime

Siora Photography via Unsplash

pink,grey,and white New Balance sneaker

Maksim Larin via Unsplash

white and blue nike air force 1 high

Ryan Plomp via Unsplash


Escolha uma jaqueta:

woman in gray cardigan standing on gray concrete pathway during daytime

Joseph Karges via Unsplash

man looking above carrying gray camping backpack

Patrick Hendry via Unsplash

woman in yellow jacket with black inner shirt wearing purple sunglasses during daytime

Thomas Le via Unsplash

brown long sleeve shirt on white clothes hanger

Tobias Tullius via Unsplash

Escolha uma bolsa:

brown leather handbag on brown wooden table

Arno Senoner via Unsplash

black Gucci leather shoulder bag

James Ree via Unsplash

beige eco bag

Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

brown leather sling bag hanged on green and red clothes hanger

Trình Minh Thư via Unsplash


Escolha um acessório:

person holding red and white disposable cup

Karen Cantú Q via Unsplash

woman in black leather jacket wearing black sunglasses and gray knit cap

Karsten Winegeart via Unsplash

Russian blue cat wearing yellow sunglasses

Raoul Droog via Unsplash

Annisa Ica via Unsplash

Escolha uma calça!

woman in blue denim jeans and white sneakers

engin akyurt via Unsplash

woman in gray tank top and gray pants

engin akyurt via Unsplash

woman in pink bikini standing on water

Alexandra Tran via Unsplash

woman in black pants sitting on white sand during daytime

Karina Tess via Unsplash


Escolha um vestido:

woman wearing pink dress while standing near black metal rail at daytime

Tamara Bellis via Unsplash

green sleeveless dress hanged on white wall

MariaBeatrice Alonzi via Unsplash

woman in white dress standing on sea shore during daytime

Jasmin Chew via Unsplash

women's red, black, and white floral dress

Ussama Azam via Unsplash

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