Quantos destes 30 animes românticos você já assistiu?

Será que gostamos dos mesmos?


Clique em todos que você já viu:

two animated men are looking into each others eyes, foreheads pressed together

YURI!!! on Ice


animated man and woman stand next to each other, both wearing button down shirts with sweaters over it


Via Hoods Entertainment

four animated characters, a girl and a girl next to a male and a male, standing in front of a pool

Kaguya: Love Is War

Via Muse Communication

animated girl with long hair and bangs holds a phone and looks at it, and the animated man next to her  looks at the phone too

My Dress-Up Darling

Via CloverWorks

animated male and female both have horns and look each other in the eyes, foreheads together

Darling In The Franxx

Via A-1 Pictures/Trigger/CloverWorks

three animated characters, one in the middle holds a fluffy bear with an eye patch

Diabolik Lovers

Via Zexcs

anime girl, girl, boy, boy, lie in what looks like light orbs looking up at us

Your Lie in April

Via A-1 Pictures

animated girl with mouth and eyes wide open, next to an animated man with cat ears who wears a silk kimono

Kamisama Kiss

Via Funimation

four animated girls with large eyes and large wide open mouths

Hajimete no Gal

Via NAZ/Crunchyroll

animated man with a tie bends over and bites an apple on a stick that is held by a girl with a large bow in her eyes

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Via Crunchyroll

five animated teens in school uniforms stand in a school hallway, all smiling, some with mouths open some with just their lips

My Senpai Is Annoying

Via Doga Kobo/Funimation

two animated girls with long hair and bangs with large eyes have their foreheads together


Via Passione

animated person with large eyes and wide mouth, no teeth showing, lunging toward us

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!


animated girl with long bangs leans her head on the shoulder of a man who holds his hands on her head

Maid Sama!

Via J.C.Staff

animated girl in school uniform has hot cheeks and wide eyes, mouth gritting, lunging at a boy who stands tall and looks down at her


Via J.C.Staff

animated large man in a suit and tie sits next to a small woman with long hair and bangs, they both sit on a bench in front of the woods

Ore Monogatari!!

Via Madhouse

animated characters sit in the forest


Via A-1 Pictures

five animated teens stand in front of a newsstand

And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?

Via Project No.9

a group of six animated teens smile, holding up peace signs

Colégio Ouran Host Club

Via Bones/Madman

animated girl with long bangs and an eye patch leans backward onto the shoulder of another teen and they're both in school jackets

Chuunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai

Via Kyoto Animation

animated girl in a playboy bunny outfit with long bangs and long hair

Bunny Girl Senpai

Via CloverWorks

group of animated teens stand on the beach

Fruits Basket

Via Studio Deen/Funimation

two animated schoolkids back to back, looking at each other over shoulders

Seu Nome

Via Toho/CoMix Wave Films

two animated men sit in front of a tall window, one holds a cello


Via Crunchyroll

two animated teens, one is a girl with long hair and bangs and furrowed brows


Via TMS Entertainment

four animated animals in an office space


Via Fanworks

a group of animated teens in school outfits

The Silent Voice

Via Kyoto Animation

animated male rolling the wheelchair of an animated woman as they laugh

Josee, o Tigre e o Peixe

Via Shochiku

group of teens in school uniforms

My Little Monster

Via NIS America

three animated teens walk through a school hallway

Mayo Chiki!

Via Feel Studio

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