Crie uma playlist com músicas da Taylor Swift e adivinharemos qual era a sua matéria favorita no colégio

A Taylor tem as respostas!


Escolha uma música:


"Right Where You Left Me"

"Holy Ground"

"The Last Great American Dynasty"

"End Game"

"The Man"


"If This Was a Movie"

Escolha uma música:

"Cruel Summer"

"State of Grace"

"Our Song"

"You're Losing Me"



"You Are in Love"

"Never Grow Up"


Escolha uma música:


"Gold Rush"

"The Archer"

"Call It What You Want"

"Today Was a Fairytale"

"How You Get the Girl"

"Last Kiss"


Escolha uma música:

"Don't Blame Me"

"Should've Said No"

"'Tis the Damn Season"


"I Think He Knows"


"I Know Places"

"Stay Stay Stay"


Escolha uma música:

"Long Live"


"Tolerate It"

"The Lucky One"

"Paper Rings"

"This Is Me Trying"


"New Year's Day"

Escolha uma música:



"The Last Time"

"Cornelia Street"



"Invisible String"

"Cowboy Like Me"


Escolha uma música:

"My Tears Ricochet"

"Picture to Burn"

"I Did Something Bad"




"Begin Again"


Escolha uma música:

"...Ready for It?"

"Mr. Perfectly Fine"

"New Romantics"

"Illicit Affairs"


"False God"

"Sweet Nothing"

"Never Grow Up"


Escolha uma música:

"The Way I Loved You"

"Better Than Revenge"

"Better Man"

"Death by a Thousand Cuts"

"Midnight Rain"

"Welcome to New York"

"Dancing With Our Hands Tied"


Escolha uma música:

"You Belong With Me"

"The Great War"

"Dear John"

"The 1"

"No Body, No Crime"

"Come Back...Be Here"

"I Forgot That You Existed"

"This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things"


Escolha uma música:

"Would've, Could've, Should've"


"The Lakes"

"Blank Space"

"Coney Island"

"The Best Day"



Escolha uma música:

"Sparks Fly"


"You're on Your Own, Kid"

"I Wish You Would"


"Mary's Song (Oh My My My)"


"Sad Beautiful Tragic"


Escolha uma música:

"Champagne Problems"

"Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince"

"The Story Of Us"

"Out of the Woods"

"Nothing New"

"A Place in This World"

"So It Goes..."


Escolha uma música:

"Getaway Car"

"The Lucky One"

"London Boy"


"Bye Bye Baby"

"I'm Only Me When I'm With You"


"Tim McGraw"


Escolha uma última música:


"All You Had to Do Was Stay"

"Everything Has Changed"

"All of the Girls You Loved Before"

"I Don't Want to Live Forever"

"You All Over Me"

"Eyes Open"

"Long Story Short"

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